La Clef Des Puys – Cottages in Auvergne

if you want to enjoy your holidays in a quiet, and natural landscape where the environment is respected …

welcome in our cottages in the land of adobe, of cheese « la fourme d’Ambert » and of knifes, situated in the natural park called the « Livradois-Forez »




The cottage The Livradois with a total capacity of 12 persons

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The cottage called Le Livradois is situated in the farmhouse and can receive family and friends from eight up to twelve persons maximum.

Details The Livradois

The cottage The Forez for handicapped persons

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The cottage called Le Forez is situated in the old barn of the farmhouse and allows to receive handicapped persons.

Details The Forez

The cottage The Yurt for an original way of staying

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Although it’s inspired from the original Mongol habitation its configuration offers you all the comforts.

Details The Yurt